Artonus MATERO per viola

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Artonus Matero per viola, promo inizio scuola € 299,00 incluso spedizione

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  • for viola 16″-17,5″
  • weight without additional equipment: 2,17 kg
  • outside dimensions case: 85 cm x 34 cm x 19 cm
  • the maximum dimensions of the body violas:

44,5 cm x 27 cm

  • adjustment for the length of the body
  • good shock absorption
  • great thermal insulation
  • attractive innovatory design
  • cover with fabric by type of cordura
  • covered zipper
  • interior lined by soft velvet and chamois leather
  • magnetic clasp for viola neck
  • hygrometer
  • humidifier
  • two holders for two bows
  • compartment for a shoulder rest
  • embroidered covering
  • hiding place for rosin and accessories
  • pocket for a big format scores
  • place for pens and other small things
  • reflective components on the outside
  • embroidered signature of name
  • additional outside pockets
  • water and supply of refills to humidifier
  • shoulder strap / back straps
  • tube for strings
  • 10 colouristic versions